Well-Rested Champion Pack

Well-Rested Champion Pack


Great Health Supplement’s bundle of 1500 Natural Growth Factors with Tribulus and Healthy Sleep has been developed to give the body what it needs to regenerate cells and rejuvenate the body 24 hours a day.



Using natural growth factors to kickstart the metabolism and boost bodily functions, it helps the body function as it did in its prime, helping build lean muscle, boost immune and joint functions while repairing DNA. Adding Health Sleep brings true 24 hour support for the body, while helping to get a good nights sleep and stay anabolic during sleep, which is important for it is while you sleep that your body heals, repairs, regenerates. Without quality sleep it negatively affects all bodily functions. Our 24 Hour Body Support bundle combines the perfect blend of active day growth factors for bodily functions while providing the repair and rest the body needs.

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Weight 2 oz

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